Is Sexual Harassment Hidden? HRhelpdesk Opinion Poll
The Nifty 50 companies reported 523 cases of Sexual Harassment recently in their annual filings. It translates to less than 2% percent women working in these companies.
Stepping Into Being a Boss
How does one bring about change specially when one has been given the task as a Boss. Mandeep Singh lists 7 steps to give you the Boss’s change model.
Controlling Your Professional Destiny
One of the biggest advantages offered in India today are the opportunities to build, manage and mould your professional destiny. With the changes working towards an opportunity market, it is not difficult to achieve the desired professional objectives. How does one go about controlling it?
The Leader in You: 5 Levels of Leadership
In a simple to follow manner, learn the various ways of growing up as a leader.  And how you move from one stage of team management to the other.
Engaging the Work force: Employee Value Proposition & Culture Building
These days, the much talked about phrase “Employee Engagement” has various meanings and narrations to explain what it means. The definitions vary depending on the context they are being used for and to the industry.
Diversity, Climate Change and the Rubix Cube
What is diversity and why is it essential, why are corporations scrambling to get this equation right and why should each one of us who are line managers (irrespective of whether of a small team of an unknown company or a big team of a Fortune 500 company) be focused on enhancing and promoting diversity in our teams by keeping this as one of the Top 3 Priorities for ourselves?
Steps Towards Career Planning
Career is about seeing the change in expectations, seeing the change in the environment and seeing the change in the culture that surrounds an individual in an organization.
Benefiting from Performance Management – The Achievement Cycle
To really benefit from a Performance management system, let us first understand what is it supposed to do and why such a system is required by every organization, whether they be big or small, or they be for profit or not for profit organizations.
Are Women Paid Less Than Men? 26 Percent Say 'Yes'
When we asked 159 Human Resource Professionals across the country about their opinion whether Women get Paid less than Men for the Same Role, 26% said YES.  View this an Invite Only Opinion Poll conducted between 12th to 14th Aug 2017 among a group of HR Professionals and Key Stakeholders in companies.