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Being a part of team requires that you have creativity and the drive to succeed. Our work model and technology support the concept of a purely flexible work atmosphere offering individuals the option to work from home, part time or a full time permanent job. We believe, the place of work has nothing to do with quality deliverables and the intellect of individuals. If you too believe that you can deliver quality content by working from home, do drop in your details and we would be happy to connect.

Work Options

Human Resource Consultants

The backbone of is the team of HR consultants who help deliver quality work to clients in the area of people practice. If you have experience in Human resources with the zeal to excel in the area of HR Consulting, whether it be in training, operations, compensation benchmarking, Diversity or have generalist experience. Do fill the form below, and we will revert back to you. Ideally we are looking at individuals who have qualifications in the area of Human Resources and have had exposure working in organizations with stable and good HR practices. As we proceed to interviews, we would be looking at what were your contributions and how you will be able to manage client expectations and deliverables as per our standards.

Business Development Professionals

There is no work without clients. As a professional who is interested in acquiring clients and adding to the basket of companies that have experienced quality work delivered from home, you would be someone who can provide solutions to clients, should be able to work on understanding clients requirements, do your cold calls, build your relationships and work with the HR Consultants to ensure that the expectation of the clients and that delivered by the HR consultant match. Your performance is measured by not only volume of business, but also by clients feedback and quality of work. From an experience perspective, those who have had exposure to institutional selling, corporate sales or individuals who have a pure passion to build relationships are the ones who fill fit, don’t worry on the product knowledge side, we will train you on that.

Market Researchers

The foundation of any great work is the research that goes into it. As a market researcher, you would be required to work on collecting data from various sources, whether it be for HR Consultants for various projects they are delivering or for BD professionals as they go to meet clients or for that matter working for our various Public surveys. The primary skill we are looking at people who know how to use the internet very effectively, and are very active on social media. Information and tasks assigned should be delivered by way of networking and using influencing social media skills.

The work from home option, which is primarily focused at people taking career breaks for various reasons in life is a unique model, do write in to us for more details.

Want to join us? Click here and start a communication with us to understand various opportunities, we would be happy to revert to you once we have a suitable opening. As a practice we do not collect resumes at this stage.

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